Our Churches

Making disciples on in Seward and Moose Pass, these two churches are part of the United Methodist Church.


Seward Memorial United Methodist Church is a congregation of faithful people in Seward, Alaska. We seek to experience the fullness of life in God through our daily walk as followers of Jesus Christ. We are here because over a century ago, faithful Christians in the United Methodist tradition believed it was important to extend the church into the territory of Alaska. We worship year-round at 11 AM.


Moose Pass United Methodist Church is a very small congregation of faithful folks who live and work in Moose Pass, Alaska. Our story goes back to the Second World War and the efforts of a Deaconess named Bertha McGhee who founded the church about thirty miles up the road from Seward on the way to Anchorage. Located on the banks of beautiful Trail Lake, the Moose Pass church ministers to our community of about 250 persons, opening our doors as a place of refuge and love. We worship at 9 AM on Sundays in the summer and 5 PM the rest of the year.

While both churches strive for self-sufficiency, we remain mission churches, within the Alaska Conference, a missionary conference of the United Methodist Church. Thanks to support from “Outside,” we are able to provide a full-time ministry in our communities and are empowered to use our resources to grow the church not only here in Seward and Moose Pass, but throughout the wider community, the state, and the world. Perhaps it is because we receive mission support that we place a high priority on being mission-oriented. Each year we prioritize several local missions, regional conference missions, and world-wide missions.

Our pastor is the Jim Doepken, a mission pastor serving on loan from the Indiana Conference. You can reach the pastor via phone, email, snail mail, and even Facebook!

Seward UMC -- PO Box 5, Seward, Alaska 99664 -- sewardumc@gmail.com