Mission and Ministry

Seward Memorial United Methodist Church has been in a the community for a century. And, over that time, the congregation has had their hands in many events and activities, ministering to and with the people of Seward and the many seasonal workers and seasonal visitors who find their way here year in and year out.

FOOD PANTRY — Both congregations have been active participants in the support of the Food Pantry which supplies food to approximately 100 persons every week.

CHRISTIAN COOPERATION — This congregation has been instrumental in working with other Christian churches through the Ministerial Association. Moreover, there is a special relationship with the local Lutheran and Episcopal Churches which are in close proximity.

MUSIC MINISTRY — The Seward Church is known as having a strong music program for a small town. Almost every month there are special choir anthems and bell choir pieces.  Plus there is a praise band which often plays at the beginning of the worship service.  Our church pianist is currently directing the community choir as well.

Seward UMC -- PO Box 5, Seward, Alaska 99664 -- sewardumc@gmail.com