Moose Pass United Methodist Church is a very small congregation of faithful folks who live and work in Moose Pass, Alaska. Our story goes back to the Second World War and the efforts of a Deaconess named Bertha McGhee who founded the church about thirty miles up the road from Seward on the way to Anchorage. Located on the banks of beautiful Trail Lake, the Moose Pass church ministers to our community of about 250 persons, opening our doors as a place of refuge and love. We worship at 9 AM on Sundays in the summer and 5 PM the rest of the year.

Seward and Moose Pass United Methodist Churches have shared a pastor for quite some time even though they have very different personalities. Because the congregation is so small at Moose Pass, worship often has a very intimate feel…almost like a small group or a “life group.” This enables the members to care for each other and really welcome visitors into the Moose Pass Community.

The Moose Pass church sits right on Trail Lake. There aren’t many prettier settings for United Methodist Churches that we know about.

Here is where you can find us: