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COVID-19 Information

Responding with faith and resilience

COVID-19 changed a great many things, including how we worship together.

Like many faith communities, at the beginning of the pandemic, Seward Memorial and Moose Pass UMCs met virtually, in order to care for those in our community.

As the journey of the pandemic shifted, so did we. We slowly came back into the building with masks on and have been slowly reincorporating worship practices like Communion and congregational singing.

The pandemic, however, is not over. We will continue to monitor our current state and local community COVID levels as we navigate this phase of the pandemic.

As a general rule of thumb, when the COVID levels are Medium or High, masking is strongly recommended. Additional things in worship may change in times of High community transmission.

We know that everyone has different concerns around health and different risks they are comfortable taking. You are always welcome to wear a mask.

*The content on this page may be updated periodically as the pandemic continues. We continually pray for the health and wholeness of all people.

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