All Saints Sunday


PREMIERES on Facebook at 10:30 AM

Out of an abundance of care and caution, the people of Resurrection Lutheran Church, Moose Pass United Methodist Church, and Seward United Methodist Church continue to bring you an online worship experience. Even as we move toward gathering together, carefully, we recognize that it is safer for many to continue with “virtual worship.”

Today is ALL SAINTS SUNDAY and we’re doing something different as we celebrate the lives of saints. First, you might want to have a candle ready as you get ready to watch because, In Rev. Ben Bohart’s Children’s Sermon, you’ll get to see some of the children of our churches as they light candles in remembrance of those who have died. Rev. Jim Doepken will provide a message that incorporates the voices of many of our congregation members sharing lives of saints. Plus we have some “BIG CHURCH” hymns today including a rousing rendition of “For All The Saints” to start off worship.

Three announcements:

—We will be referencing a document on that has lots of scripture verses as we look at what it means to be a saint. (See the documents below)

—This is the last Sunday to collect socks for SOCKTOBER. So please contact your pastor if you would still like to donate socks to those in need.

—We also have a study beginning today at 5 PM called “AMERICA’S UNHOLY GHOSTS.” This is a study that will take place on ZOOM for five weeks and will be looking at some of the racist roots of the Christian Church in America. Here is a link to register for the class:

Here are today's Thank Yous

—Thank you to Rev. Thomas Weitzel for his worship service “Saints Alive!” that is adapted today.

—Thank to to First Plymouth Church of Lincoln, Nebraska for their version of “For All The Saints.”

—Thank you to Church of the Redeemer in Kenmore, WA for their version of “I Sing a Song of the Saint of God”

—Thank you to The Northern Baptist Association of Northern England for their version of “Shall We Gather at the River”

—Thank you to Lindsey Abraham for the song used in the candle lighting

—Thanks, as usual, to Sue McClure for pre-worship music that is provided as a separate video upload.

--Thank you to The Work of the People for their version of The Lord's Prayer and The Apostle's Creed.

--Thank you to all our readers and kid candle-lighters.

Worship will be “Premiered” on the Seward/Moose Pass UMC Facebook page at 10:30 AM but will thereafter be available on the Facebook Page and our YouTube Channel. You may also find Sue McClure’s pre-worship music there.

Seward/Moose Pass UMC CCLI License for Music & Streaming #11205680.

Seward/Moose Pass UMC One License for Music & Streaming # M-400610.

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