Allyship Training In our Work on Anti-Racism

The pastors of Seward and Moose Pass UMCs and Resurrection Lutheran Church have been working with a local group, "Seward People For Peace," to continue our discussions of racial injustice and the work of anti-racism. Part of our work is trying to be an ally of those who experience racial injustice...not just here but around the world.

Therefore you are invited to participate in a 4 week program to help you and our community be a better ally in the work against racism.


Coming every Wednesday evening in October, in partnership with Native Movement, Seward People for Peace is pleased to offer a webinar series on Allyship. Programs will take place 6-8 p.m.

The cost is $40 for all four sessions, a much reduced fee offered by Native Movement. There is no per session price and no refunds. If would like to request a scholarship, please email

Register for the series by clicking here:

Make your payment as a donation to Native Movement by clicking here:

Please consider an additional donation amount to help cover the cost for someone who cannot afford to attend.

Here is a synopsis of the curriculum:

Wednesday October 7, and October 14 2020 6PM- 8PM  Parts 1 & 2:

Untangling Colonization – Decolonizing Advocacy 

This training is meant to be an introduction to Decolonization as a concept and practice.  It is essential that we build a shared history to untangle colonialism historically and in its current manifestations. This training briefly covers United States Federal Indian Policy and its expansion into Alaska. Additionally, we will discuss how the history of environmental conservation has mirrored colonial worldviews and what steps we might take to more intentionally step out of harmful practices. This training will delve into a spectrum of decolonizing practices that can be implemented in our personal and work life. This training is meant to be a brave place to learn and grow without judgement.

Training Goals:

1.    Build a shared memory of our history of colonization

·      Federal Indian Policy

·      Conservation Colonialism

·      Alaska State policies of colonization

2.    Explore the concept of a White Supremacy culture

·      How does white supremacy culture exist in our lives daily?

3.    Build an introductory understanding of Decolonization. 

·      Intro to useful practices -- personally and professionally

Wednesday October 21, 6- 8:30 PM :

Justice — Dismantling Oppressive Power & Privilege. Understanding unseen privileges and how that relates to power dynamics is critical to untangling and dismantling harmful systems of oppression. How is environmental justice different from environmentalism? How are Indigenous Peoples rights related to social justice? How does grassroots feminism relate to our work? What does building equity and alignment among allies look like and how can we more meaningfully build solidarity movements?

Wednesday October 28th 6:00 – 8:00 PM 

Dismantling White Supremacy 

This workshop aims to identify white supremacy culture at the systemic, interpersonal, and very personal levels. We will examine white supremacy as a concept that creates visible and also subconscious internalized racial bias even for the most well-meaning folks. Understanding our individual participation in white supremely culture will help us draw connections to overlapping ideologies that influences our behavior and outlook of the world around us. We will explore methods of interrupting racism and ways in which you can begin to dismantle white supremacy culture in you

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