IT'S TIME! Beginning In-Person Worship

After fifteen months of only online worship, Zoom administrative meetings, and mostly empty sanctuaries, in-person worship is resuming at Seward and Moose Pass United Methodist Churches on PENTECOST SUNDAY, MAY 23, 2021. (Online worship will be available as well.)

On May 5th, the Greater Northwest Area of the United Methodist Church released new guidance for churches, Stepping forward safely in love and trust, that builds upon, but replaces previous guidance. It acknowledges the continuing risk of disease, advances in science, and the increasing capacity of our local church leaders to manage the risk in their contexts. New responsibility falls to local leaders to understand and guide their ministry settings wisely and safely with fewer mandated guidelines. And it went into effect this past Monday, May 17, 2021.

This means that Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2021 will be our first Sunday back in worship in our facilities. But it will be different. Your pastor and leadership have a MITIGATION PLAN (which you can see here) in place, recognizing that it will need to be adapted as we "step forward."

Here are some things you can expect when we gather together:

  • You'll be asked to sign in

  • Masks will be worn by those over the age of 2 (including those who are vaccinated because our worship will include non-vaccinated adults and children)

  • Social distancing will be in place (Please sit with your family/bubble group)

  • Non-touch greetings are encouraged

  • We will not pass an offering plate

  • There will be no congregational singing (Yes, we know this is hard. But the science says singing is risky in groups that include both vaccinated and unvaccinated people and the CDC recommends NOT singing at this point.)

  • We might have a window or door open, so bring an extra layer for warmth.

Our main goal is for everyone to feel welcomed, loved, and safe.


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