January 10, 2021


JANUARY 10, 2021


AT 10:30 AM

Out of an abundance of care and caution, the people of Resurrection Lutheran Church, Moose Pass United Methodist Church, and Seward United Methodist Church bring you an online worship experience. It is an act of love to the communities we serve to provide this safe alternative to gathering in person.

Today is Epiphany/Baptism of the Lord Sunday. But, in the midst of a troubling week of unrest, that highlighted both division and inequity in our nation, Rev. Ben Bohart’s sermon focuses on the very end of the Epiphany story, with Herod trying to kill the young Jesus. But we will still talk about Epiphany and Christ, as Light of the World, being manifested. Pastor Jim has a Children’s sermon about a special cake for Epiphany and we’ll use Epiphany as the basis of our prayers. Also today, we have “The Coventry Carol” — it’s both beautiful and haunting… and provided in four-part harmony today.


  • Steve Garnaas-Holmes for his Epiphany prayer

  • Eric Wagner/Flickr for Mardi Gras King Cake (https://www.flickr.com/photos/basetree/8459061709

  • Julien Neel for his version of “Coventry Carol” (Used with permission). There's more 4-part a cappella by Julien Neel on his YouTube page: http://youtube.com/julienneel").

  • Rick Moreley for “Prayers for the People for all Epiphany”

  • Phil Moore for his version of “Rock of Ages” (Used with permission)

  • Kelly Ann Hall, The Work of the People, and The Brilliance for “The Great Reversal” poem

  • Sue McClure for her piano music. You can find Sue’s pre-worship music as a separate upload.

Worship will be “Premiered” on the Seward/Moose Pass UMC Facebook page at 10:30 AM but will thereafter be available on the Facebook Page and our YouTube Channel. You may also find Sue McClure’s pre-worship music there.

Seward/Moose Pass UMC CCLI License for Music & Streaming #11205680.

Seward/Moose Pass UMC One License for Music & Streaming # M-400610.

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