June 13, 2021 Worship -- ON ZOOM and Facebook!

Updated: Jun 13

After 15 months of pre-recording worship every week, we're moving to something different. Worship will still be found online, on Facebook. However, we'll be using Zoom to stream our live service to the online world.

We're making this change for the following reasons:

  • Pre-recording made a lot of sense when everyone was accessing the service online and we had four (then three) churches working together. But it requires a whole lot of work. We have now moved to 5 or so households watching the online service and more effort needs to be put into our in person worship. However, we still want to have an online option for those who would like to engage online.

  • We are preparing for Pastor Lucas Boomsma who will not be pre-recording services when he gets here and he'll need to focus on the in-person worship This way we can start transitioning to his leadership of worship.

This will, as everything, be a learning process. Please be patient. We are living into this.

So, how can you experience worship at Seward & Moose Pass UMCs:

  1. You can attend in person at 9 AM (Moose Pass) and 11 AM (Seward). Please wear masks and socially distance.

  2. You can attend via ZOOM at this link at 11 AM to experience the Seward UMC Worship Live.

  3. You can watch it on Facebook Live at 11 AM and interact with the service there.

If worshipping online, you can find our bulletin HERE.

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