Online Worship Sunday March 15th -- 10:30 AM

Our pews will be empty tomorrow as our worship moves online as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. We don't have experience "being Church" in the face of a national health emergency. But it is a courageous act of prevention and a bold step of pastoral care for our community to say that we love it so much that will put aside our usual worship so that we can best continue in ministry with and for our neighbors.

It is also a testimony to our long-term relationship with our friends at Resurrection Lutheran Church and St. Peter's Episcopal Church that we will join them in our worship. It is hoped that we will find new and creative ways of ministering together and worshipping God together.

Our Worship Service will be online LIVE at 10:30 AM on Sunday, March 15th on the Seward UMC Facebook Page, where we will be streaming. You'll have the ability to comment and lift up some concerns as we worship in this new way.

You can see the invitation to worship from Ben, Charles, and Jim below.

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