Preparing for Evacuees

Seward UMC has been in dialogue with city officials and our schools to serve as an overflow location for evacuees of the Swan Lake Fire, if the call comes for it.

Because of the fluidity of the fire, it is unclear when or if evacuees from Cooper Landing will need to be housed in Seward.

On Wednesday, August 26th, the city was notified that 300 potential evacuees were coming to Seward. The High School was set up. Seward UMC was brought in to welcome up to 30 people. And then plans (and fire activity) changed. Our space was not needed--which is a good thing.

Seward UMC and its members and friends stand ready to welcome evacuees and will continue working with the city and the High School to help out where we can.

Setting up cots at Seward High School on August 26th around 9 PM.

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