Sunday, April 18, 2021


FOR APRIL 18, 2021


Today is a special Sunday. After 13 months of collaboration for online worship this is the last Sunday we’ll be working together to bring you this online worship service. Next Sunday, the Lutherans will be back to in-person worship only. The United Methodists will continue to bring you online worship at this time as we watch for our community's COVID case numbers to go back down again until we can gather.

In worship today we’ll have some of our “greatest hits,” celebrating some of what we’ve covered over the past year and recognizing some of the challenges with bringing you this worship. We’ll even have some clips from our very first worship service when we were also joined by St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

Thank you:

—To the leaders and people of Resurrection Lutheran Church, Moose Pass United Methodist Church, and Seward United Methodist Church. —To our musicians today: Mark Chase, Keri DeBoer, Nathan Drake, Edmonds UMC Music Collective, Carolyn Roloff, and the people at “The Irish Blessing.” —To Igniter Media and “The Work of the People.” —“Grace Like Rain” written by Chris Collins, Edwin Othello Excell, John Newton, Todd Agnew, and William W. Walker. Copyright 2003 Ardent/Koala Music. CCLI 3689877. —“Walls Come Down” by Eric J. Marshall. Copyright 2017 by Scot Family Reunion Songs. CCLI 7099786. —“Wistful Harp” by Andrew Huang (during prayers) —Piano Music by Sue McClure

Worship will be “Premiered” on the Seward/Moose Pass UMC Facebook page at 10:30 AM but will thereafter be available on the Facebook Page and our YouTube Channel.

Seward/Moose Pass UMC CCLI License for Music & (Copyright — #11205680 / Streaming — # CSPL155331 Size A)

Seward/Moose Pass UMC One License for Music & Streaming # M-400610.

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