Spotify Playlist for Worship

While we start making plans to get together again, we know that some things will be different. First off, we know that we won't be able to do music the way we've been used to as all the evidence points to singing being a contributor to COVID spread. Secondly, we know that people engage with music differently in our online service. While there may be some households that loudly belt out all the hymns and praise songs, it's different online. And other households disengage when the music plays.

So, in this time of creativity and transition, we're trying something new to take music beyond our worship time into our week...


You can do some cool things through this as you lift up your praise and thanksgiving, your DOXOLOGY, to God:

  1. You can listen, in advance, to some of the songs that will be in our worship service.

  2. You can spend some more time with a new song to let it sink into your heart.

  3. You can listen, again, to a song you heard on Sunday and want to sing it again.

  4. You can take music with you in your car, or on a trip, that helps you reflect on the week's theme.

Here's how it works:

Spotify Account

350 million people have a Spotify account so it is the easiest platform to use to ensure most of us can access the music.

If you don’t have an account, click HERE to create one. Spotify offers a free account or a premium account (paid monthly subscription).

You can access Spotify from your web browser, the Spotify player for Mac or PC (download), or from a phone app (iPhone and Android).

How to Listen

Once you have created an account, just go to the "DOXOLOGY TO GO" PLAYLIST. It's presently compiled by Pastor Jim on his own account but we could move it to a church-owned account.

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