Third Sunday of Advent -- December 13, 2020


FOR December 13, 2020


Out of an abundance of care and caution, the people of Resurrection Lutheran Church, Moose Pass United Methodist Church, and Seward United Methodist Church continue to bring you an online worship experience. Even when we move toward gathering together, carefully, we recognize that it will be safer for many to continue with “virtual worship.”

Today is the Third Sunday of Advent, with the theme of JOY. Pastor Jim Doepken is providing the sermon today while Pastor Ben Bohart provides the prayers. We have several special Advent activities today. We have a lighting of the Advent candles followed by a song of response from Carolyn Roloff. Jamie and Raelene from the Lutheran VBS team are giving our children’s sermon. We have some very traditional music and on new song about Mary saying “yes” to God.

Here are today’s Thank Yous:

—Thank you to Nathan Drake of Reawaken Hymns. We’ll be hearing quite a bit from Nathan over Advent.

—Thank you to Capital Hill Baptist Church for giving permission to use their congregational version of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.”

—Thank you to the Northern Baptist Association of Great Britain for their version of “In the Bleak Midwinter.”

—Thank you to Bob Franke, author and composer of the song “Say Yes” (copyright 2008) who has allowed us to use his song today. Also, thank you to Edmonds Music Collective from Edmonds UMC in Washington for their version of “Say Yes.”

—Thank you to Carolyn Roloff for singing “Light One Candle to Watch for Messiah”. Written by Wayne L. Wold. Copyright Fortress Press. Page 630 of the Lutheran Hymnal.

—Thank you to The Work of the People for their video “Rejoice” with a poem from Kelly Ann Hall and music from The Brilliance and for their video “The Magnificat: A Song of Praise” featuring the writing of Phuc Luu.

—Thanks, as usual, to Sue McClure for pre-worship music that is provided as a separate video upload.

Worship will be “Premiered” on the Seward/Moose Pass UMC Facebook page at 10:30 AM but will thereafter be available on the Facebook Page and our YouTube Channel. You may also find Sue McClure’s pre-worship music there.

Seward/Moose Pass UMC CCLI License for Music & Streaming #11205680.

Seward/Moose Pass UMC One License for Music & Streaming # M-400610.

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